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    第28回 ソフトウェア&アプリ開発 展【春】
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  • Online learning solution for the Academic industry
  • We have integrated the Virtual classroom, LMS and digital content into one system; we cater to every Individual who needs to study at their own pace and for Teachers who need to cater their classes from their own pace and for Schools who are willing to make their zone extended above physical limits.


  • Live online tutoring

    Study virtually from home, at your own pace and convenience while interacting with our expert teachers real-time. We cater to secondary level students...

  • Platform sharing facilities for...

    We enable the existing educational institutes to convert their physical courses to online courses, and help them break their physical barrier,

  • English as Second Language (ESL)...

    We help Japanese native speakers to converse and communicate in English as their second language. The course is delivered 100 per cent online.

  • Motivational workshops for primary and...

    The Apex workshop is time and space created for students to instill the thoughts of generating a differentiated classroom. To initiate the practices o...