• 【展示会】
    第28回 ソフトウェア&アプリ開発 展【春】
  • 【小間番号】 青44-3
  • Outsource your software and mobile app developments to us.
  • We will be demonstrating the software and mobile app development capabilities that we have in our company. We will also be demonstrating the key products, which we have developed in the past. The smart IoT home and office automation system developed by OutSmart Hub wil be demonstrated as well.


  • Smartlife - Smartlife is a IoT based...

    The Smartlife IoT hub can connect a variety of devices used at homes, offices, hotels and apartments. They include lights, thermostats, door locks and...

  • Software Outsourcing -

    OutSmart Hub has the expertise to complete and deliver any type of software development project. We do both desktop and web based software development...

  • Plottey

    Plottey is a comprehensive reporting tool, which assists the businesses to generate meaningful reports out of data that they have in their databases.

  • Learning Management System

    The Learning Management System can be used by students, academic staff and administrative staff at an educational institution in order to streamline t...